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Somebody got a new color! Blue out, purple in! #purplehair #ILoveHer #tribe http://ift.tt/2hbVzAr



We don’t typically “do” Father’s Day or Mother’s Day; no deep philosophical reason or special objection, it just isn’t our style. I’d actually forgotten it *is* Father’s Day til I popped in to Facebook this morning. I took this picture this forenoon, and then I was thinking about all the things I’ve seen people writing about their dads today, and I was just so SO happy that my kids have this man as their Papa. He is a good man, an honorable man, a man with integrity who is safely trusted. He is a hard worker and so fun to relax with. He is thoughtful and sensitive. He teaches his children all these things, occasionally with words. He made our children feel capable and valuable today by spending the extra time it took to allow them a large portion of rebuilding our back deck. They feel so proud and accomplished walking across the deck that they are building (I’ve had to walk across it barefoot many times today and agree that it *does* feel better!), and that feeling is a gift from him, as he could have done it more quickly and simply by himself. I love this man. I am happy that he is the father of my children. #blog #tribe #WhattaMan http://ift.tt/1UIRNcR