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Today, while buying supplies for a fodder sprouting system I’m squeezing into our laundry room for our rabbits, I was scrounging the clearance shelves for leftover twinkle lights. On those clearance shelves was a random package of glow-in-the-dark chalk (did you know there even is such a thing!?). I rewrote our zone/kp list with it. Let’s see how long it takes the kids to notice… #tribe #blog http://ift.tt/2iFmaYZ


Big Day Today


Today is the culmination of BOTH camps that my children have been dispersed among this week. I will go, with my children that were home with me this week, to one right after the other. The timing worked out well that way 😊Parents and siblings all come and are treated to a demonstration of all that has been learned and done this past week. It is exciting, it is fun, and the kids have been planning it and looking forward to it all week. 😊

It is also loud, intense, and full of people. 😳 

Good vibes accepted here πŸ˜‰