Here’s a nice problem to have…
We’ve never actually “done” Christmas in our family. We both grew up with it but had decided not to anymore before we met (one more way we’re a perfect match!). A couple of years ago, in an effort to make a path for the children to learn to look for ways to bless one another, I hung up stockings and encouraged them to secretly fill one another’s. Since then stockings have been filled with “things I like about you” notes, coupons for doing chores for one another, and coveted treasures and candies. We as parents have received by far the bigger blessing by seeing how joyful their giving has been. Each year, on Christmas Eve, we tuck in a few little things and make sure that no one’s stocking is insufficient. Tonight (here’s the problem), I came to tuck in the gifts from The Mr and me, and they’re already brimful- there’s no room for what we want to put in. I’m so happy that my children so enjoy giving to one another 😊💚 #blog #tribe


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