Another Peek Into Our Day (at December 11, 2014 at 11:43PM )


Our Christmas Stocking Tradition. We’ve never done Santa, or even celebrated Christmas really. We’re cool with that. We started something new last year though, and I’m really loving it and the way my children have taken hold of it and made it their own. Sometime between Thanksgiving and the beginning of December we hang stockings from the living room mantel. (Novel, I know) 😉 Then, the children sneak and fill one another’s stockings with notes of appreciation, coupons of promises to do chores for one another, and their treasures that others have admired. They’re really sacrificial about it, to the extent that sometimes I want to stop them, to say “Hey! You don’t have to give THAT away!” But then I remember- that’s the whole point! And they GET IT. Way better than I do. I wish you could see the happy shine in their eyes when they walk away from successfully sneaking something really good into someone’s stocking. It makes me cry most times. Tonight I noticed that the stockings are hanging heavy, things are peeking out of the tops of a few. And I’m just so happy with my awesome family. #tribe

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