In Which I Talk About Food & Poop


Oh, yes, indeedy.
I’m gonna.
Not because I think you’re all that interested, but because that’s what’s a focus in my life right now.
I’m only half kidding. About it being a focus.
After 8 children, it’s pretty hard to gross me out. And I’m finding that baby poop can tell you a lot that the baby can’t.
From the third baby on, I’ve had milk supply problems, and have “finished off” the last 5 babies with bottles and formula. I won’t digress here into the battle that has been.
I’ve always assumed (likely correctly) that my milk supply dwindled because I was pregnant. I knew all the “tricks” and herbs to increase supply, and they just weren’t working.
I was primed and ready to use all the tricks again this time, nursing baby #8. The midwife reminded me (again) to make sure I consume at least 2500 calories a day. I thought (as I always do) “NO problemo!” But I figured this time, I’ll track it. I’m not sure why I decided to, but I did.
I’m awfully glad I did! I learned in a hurry that consuming 2500 calories is indeed a BIG problemo for me! There are times that I can eat a lot of food, but that is not my norm. Apparently, my norm, from looking at the charts of this tracking app, is closer to 700-1000 calories a day. Which is NOT conducive to milk production. Which makes me pretty sure that all the other times have had this as a contributing reason as well, since I’m eating more these days than I have in years!
Anyway, on to the poop:
Changing Caedmon’s diaper these days is like playing the lottery:
His poop is very indicative of my milk quality, which lets me know how to eat.
Bright yellow mustardy poop = enough milk.
Greenish or orangish mucousy poop = not enough milk.
“Seeds” in the mustard = enough fat in the milk.
Smooth mustard = not enough fat OR baby isn’t getting “hind milk”.
Huh. Wish I’d known all that 8 years ago!
So THAT’S why I’m really writing all this- in case there’s someone else whose baby will benefit from that info.
Now, I need to go figure out how in the world I’m supposed to eat 1500 more calories a day. As it is, I don’t see how I can possibly stuff in any more food!


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