School and Chick-Fil-A and Pull-ups!


Today was our first official day “back to school”, even though we’re becoming more and more like “unschoolers” in a lot of ways, in that we “do school” all day every day. But today we get back to math workbooks, chronological history lessons, sketching lessons, copywork… You get the idea. Everyone was glad to get back into it, and it went well. ( I think those two facts are somehow connected!)
We also had a little trip out to Chick-Fil-A for lemonade and playground time. A certain person finally conquered bedwetting (YAY!!!) and that was the celebration choice. The goal had been to stay dry all night for 5 nights in a row, so each morning I made a mark on the pull-up, and after 5 marks, off we went to celebrate! There is also the celebration (that I think I would like even better!) of sleeping without a pull-up. That’s got to be so much more comfortable!
Another thing the children did last week was “build a tent” in the yard, with an old tarp and some sticks and a 2×4. They’ve slept in it a few nights now, much to my surprise – I was sure they’d come in scared the first night. But they stuck right out there and had a blast! It makes me so glad that they’re making memories like this. I can just imagine, 25 years from now, sitting around the Thanksgiving table, hearing them ask one another “Do you remember when…?” and this tarp/tent being one of the stories they tell *their* children. I’ll take some pictures of the tent and show you… they were quite smart about it, breaking sticks and pounding them into the ground in the tie-down holes of the tarp. :0)


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