First “Official” Day of School!

Sophia will be 3 this weekend, and is more than ready for our preschool. She’s been eager for quite a while, and I’ve done work with her off and on, but just haven’t made it a definite part of our routine until now. She is one happy girl!
After tracing lines, she got to do some cut-and-paste. The scissors took about 10 seconds to learn, and then she just took off, before I even finished explaining!


Pasting the pictures below matching pictures came next, and that was fun- especially once she realized its ok if a little bit of glue gets on her hand (0;


Then came the satisfaction of smoothing out the page, admiring her work, and putting it on Papa’s shelf for him to see when he gets home. I wonder how many today she’ll ask if it’s time for Papa yet? It’s been 5 minutes since we finished and she’s already asked for “more school” (a VERY common refrain around here) 3 times!


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