Great Quote for the Day

Today, as I was resting with my head on the dining room table before supper, I heard a crash in the living room, along with the sound of breaking glass.
The babies were at the table with me, making sure I didn’t fall asleep, and Papa was in the room with the bigger children whence the sound came, so I thought I’d stay still and listen to the event unfold rather than go and involve myself.
I heard the children warning each other to stay out of the way, and quickly organize themselves as to who would stand guard and who would bring the broom etc., while Papa helped them to calm down and remember where the broom *is*. After most of the clean up was done, the responsible party trudged by carrying the broom and the trash can, glumly wondering aloud “why glass stuff always has to go and break every time I get near it?
Most of the hilarity (for me) is contained in the absolute sincerity and innocence of the question.
I love watching my children grow and think and interact.

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