Bragging Time (episode 2)

Wow. This was supposed to be up here *MUCH* earlier than this, but
   computer troubles
+ holiday business
+ forgetful Mama-brain
= here it finally is!

Our oldest entered the realm of public school for the first time this year, as a misplaced freshman in high school. I say “misplaced freshman” because her age and the classes she has already completed place her quite a bit beyond that, but, since our state requires accredited curriculum for transfers, and I didn’t use that because it didn’t suit our direction and ideals and I never planned to have a student in public school, she is indeed a freshman. We are looking at some summer classes at a community college or an online accredited university to get her the required credits to jump up to where she belongs next year. As it is, though, it’s working out well for her to do her acclimating to the new environment while she is comfortable adept at the academic level. Definitely not a good thing long-term, as lack of challenge in school can be either enervating or mischief inducing, but good for now, in the adjusting phase. But all this is really another post… Right after the one in which I explain more fully (for those interested) our decision to place her in public school. Ha. You thought I forgot, huh? Nope, just busy with a netbook out of commission. Anyway, *this* is the post in which I get to brag on her…
for being Student of the Month!!
She was nominated by her Algebra teacher, and they had a nice breakfast at the school for the students and their parents, and the County Sheriff was there to make a speech and present them with their cetificates. It was a very encouraging experience for her, and, well, I’m proud of her!

Yep. That’s *my* girl, right up front, left corner.


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