Bragging Time (episode 1)

This lil fella is on a baseball team for the first time in his life.

 He went to evaluations only vaguely knowing that you’re supposed to hit the ball and run the bases in order. He didn’t know about “outs” and “strikes” and “fouls” and “triple plays”, or what on earth a “shortstop” is, or any of those things.
Once he was chosen for a team and practices started, his fast running and determination to do everything *hard* was quickly noticed, and enjoyed by the coaches and parents. More than several times, a coach or a parent would come to Jeff or I after practice and tell us how much they enjoyed watching Noah run, and not a few times the coaches would glance at each other and say “Let’s have ’em run”. As the boys took off across the diamond to the fence and back, the coaches would say “I just love watching Noah run!” and they’d laugh and get back to practice.
He’s learned this season, about outfielders and infielders and what a foul ball is, and why you don’t throw your bat when you take off for first, and how to run for the ball even if someone else calls it, just in case it goes between their legs, and he’s had a good time.
Now the season is at the end, and it’s the playoffs. His team has won the two playoff games they’ve played, with last night’s being against the #2 team in the league. They have another game tonight, if they win *that*, there will be another game tomorrow. he next game after that is the championship game. He’s excited, and he realizes that this week is sort of the culmination of the season, but – and I’m so happy about this- he is not hung up on winning. He likes winning, of course, but in the games his team hasn’t won, he has smiled just as big and romped just as hard in the after-game free time. He just enjoys playing, and that was what this Mama was hoping for. A balance of trying your hardest and doing your best, and then being satisfied with the results of that.
Yay Noah!!

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