Parenting Tools: Cat Litter

I’m a cheapskate frugal/thrifty mama. The kind that says “I don’t need 15 different types of cleaning products! I can clean it all with this one really good product!” (which, by the way is this one, it really does do everything well!) I’ve been pretty happy with that; I like simplicity, and am a little bit of a minimalist at heart.
I’m the only one in my family though, perhaps because my family feels the need to balance me, as I do tend to get a bit extreme in my pursuits from time to time.
My husband does see the value in having the “right tool for the job”, and has no problem buying the right cleaner for the mess. I usually fall back on my standby (see above link), so he doesn’t have to buy cleaning products very often, and sometimes I think we’re wasting money on them letting them just sit there.
This morning, one of my children (who will remain nameless to preserve their privacy (0:) helped me to be even more grateful for my husband making sure I have all the tools I may need at my fingertips.
There is a bit of a stomach bug here, and 9 people vs. 2 bathrooms can make sure you notice exactly what stomach bugs do to a person. I’ve never had a problem with the 9 vs 2 (or even 9 vs 1 when that was the case), and still don’t, but I do have a new appreciation for all the cleaning supplies there are and all that they can, in their specialized way, accomplish.
I now have a list of products that I want to make sure to have on hand, even if I hope to only use them very rarely. They are:
paper towels,
aforesaid Odo Ban (it really was the best thing for the job)
plastic bags,
wet swiffers,
Oust air freshener (there are some smells that only this stuff will cut, and don’t harass me about the health implications- you didn’t smell that!!)
cat litter.
Yep. That is now on my list of things recommended that mamas keep around. Very nice stuff, cat litter.
If you decide to go and get some, make sure you get the kind that clumps.

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