July-August update


Let’s see what’s been happening…
According to my notes (yes- I make notes!):
Rena jumped a horse;
Sophia rolled over;
We got a children’s pool;
Say-Jal isn’t afraid to bike anymore;
Oksana got a bike;
Noah is reading easily;
Jed / Rex is s-l-o-w-l-y gaining vocabulary (& developing his own sign language- I need to teach the real thing!)
And, I’m going to quit trying to give comprehensive updates regularly, & just pop in here from time to time with “shorts” & moments…
So, not only did Sophia roll, but she slithered herself right off of our friends’ couch the other night while we were eating dinner together. She stopped crying within seconds of my picking her up, but I got the point of being quite particular about where I “park” her!
I’m quite sure Rena will tell all about her horse-jumping in her next update, so I’m not going to steal her thunder. :0)
I used some of the money that has been given to the children here & there for birthdays etc. to buy a 10′ x 6′ x 22″ pool for them. They are having a blast and send an enthusiastic “Thank you!!!” to everyone who possibly contributed to the “fund”. The first day, they spent 8 1/2 hours in there. I’m not kidding. I won’t talk about the (lack of) potty breaks.
Jeff bought Oksana a new bike (so cute & tiny!) and words fail me to describe the hilarity of her buzzing around, knees pumping furiously, shoulders wiggling back & forth, frizzy hair floating on the wind, & the satisfied smile after she successfully jumps (yes, jumps!)…
And… As a result of seeing her little sister being such an avid biker, Say-Jal has taken it back up. More timid by personality, she had just quietly decided that biking was too risky, especially after Jeff (secretly) bent her training wheels to be a little less supportive. Now, she doesn’t do the jumps, and she teeters up & down he driveway once to Oksana’s thrice, but she’s enjoying it now, & that was our original desire.
Noah is reading well now; I haven’t given him any of Tolstoy’s works yet, but he’s pretty comfortable reading any of the children’s books we have kicking around. He occasionally reads out of Uncle Arthurs’s Bedtime Stories to the younger children. Not too shabby for a 6 year old.
That’s enough for now… I’ll catch you up on more later. :0)



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